Pirates of Carthage

Showcasing on stage and through social media 2 important momentum in the history of Tunisia

It’s TONIGHT #pCarthage


Check out few these photo teasers from the rehearsals and join the live steam TONIGHT.

12 January 8.00pm GMT


We will be performing the play on the radio; anyone can listen with the link above.

We’d like you to comment and contribute by using our hashtag #pCarthage and after the play approx 8.45 pm we will read out the tweets live on air.

This play will then be downloadable as a podcast from resonancefm.com. How cool is that? ūüôā¬†

#pCarthage rehersal (ct Naziha Arebi)
2#pCarthage rehersal (ct Naziha Arebi)
3#pCarthage rehersal (ct Naziha Arebi)

Finally the Online Dates – the PIRATES of CARTHAGE

Online Dates


Radio performance

12 January 8.00pm GMT



We will be performing the play on the radio anyone can listen with the link above. We’d like to get people to comment and contribute by using our hashtag #pCarthage and after the play approx 8.45 pm we will read out the tweets live on air this play will then be downloadable as a podcast from resonancefm.com.



Live stream 1 anniversary

14 January  5.00pm GMT



This will be a live video stream of the play to celebrate 1 year since the fleeing of Ben Ali. We’d like to get as many people as possible to watch this, and again leave comments on twitter.

Get your ticket today!

Follow this link here to the French Riviera’s portal and purchase your ticket. We have limited seats!

Here you go the link : http://www.frenchriviera1988.com/


Press Release #pCarthage

                                                                                                                 Daniel Kelly

Preview: 14 January 5pm GMT Live Stream

Artist talk: 21 January 7pm Live stream

Radio Performance: 12 January 8pm ResonanceFM 104.4fm resonancefm.com/listen

The Pirates of Carthage is a play by Daniel Kelly which examines the recent uprising

across Tunisia alongside The Mercenary War (264-241 BC) in the ancient city of Carthage.

The stories of uprising and rebellion from different centuries are relayed in parallel on

stage using the media in which Kelly first experienced them, Gustave Flaubert historical

novel Salammbo, and the ubiquitous social networking platform Twitter.

Fusing spoken word, video montage and Tunisian Hip-Hop, The Pirates of Carthage

questions our increasing dependence on the media for information and explores how we

connect with the world around us.

The Pirates of Carthage will consists of a live stage event, Interactive radio performance,

artist talk and ongoing online archive and an accompanying publication.

Daniel Kelly is a visual artist with a multi media practice that look at personal history in

relation to shifting notions of class and it’s importance to national identity in a world of

hyper-communications. Kelly graduated from Camberwell College of Art in 2007. His

recent exhibitions include East End Academy at the Whitechapel Gallery, London and

Eastwing ix at Sommerset House, London

Play: 16, 17, 23 & 24 January 7.30pm the Nellie Dean, 89 Dean St, London W1D 3SU

Bookings & Streaming: www.frenchriviera1988.com

For further information or image requests please contact Lucy Knight

E: pcarthage@gmail.com W: piratesofcarthage.wordpress.com 

Audio Teaser: Pirates of Carthage

Hit the play button for an audio teaser. These are parts from Salambo novel by the writer Gustave Flaubert, counted among the greatest Western novelists.

Our recording studio

ResonanceFM hosts Pirates of Carthage!

London’s leading arts radio station, Resonance FM is hosting ‘The Pirates of Carthage”, a play about Tunisia, twitter and the power of people.

More precisely, the play is showcasing two stories of rebellion across the centuries in the same geographical location: Tunisia.

The Second being the Tunisian Revolution that ignited the Arab Spring by the End of 2010.

The First is about the Mercenary War in Carthage between 241-238 B.C. inspired from the novel Salambo by the French writer Gustav Flaubert (1821-80).

Well, Resonance FM has agreed to host the Pirates of Carthage crew for a live performance on it’s radio waves. If you are nearby¬†London, make sure to tune your radio on 104.4 FM and if you’re away, you can follow the broadcast on [http://resonancefm.com/].

Save the date: 12th of January 8pm GMT.

You can follow this link: http://frenchriviera1988.com/ for a video live stream of the performance. We have some videos to play during the play.

We’re going to have all actors on the set for a radio live performance; then we’ll be opening the floor for questions or discussions on ideas raised by the play.

You can join the discussion on twitter! Please make sure to mention @danielkelly645 in your tweets to make sure your question is not missed.

We encourage you to use the following hashtag: #pCarthage.

Tweet us you questions and we’ll read it out live and have it answered.

About ResonanceFM:

“Somewhere in a far-away galaxy, there is a tiny pink planet. On that tiny pink planet, there are millions of eggs, and when they hatch, they will hatch millions of mute blind magnetic love monkeys”. Says¬†Daniel Trilling,¬†an Assistant Editor of the New Statesman.

He knows that because he has been listening to a half-hour programme of bizarre sci-fi prose-poetry called Hooting Yard (Wednesdays, 4pm) on Resonance FM.

Intriguing, isn’t it?

Since 2002, Resonance has been broadcasting from basement studios in central and south London, billing itself as the capital’s “first radio art station”. What this means in practice is a unique mix of avant-garde music and spoken-word programmes that has attracted upwards of 100,000 listeners and a raft of celebrity fans that includes Vic Reeves, Janet Street-Porter and Hari Kunzru. Adds Daniel.

“Its oldest presenter is a 73-year-old ex-bank robber, its youngest a 15-year-old schoolboy. Its programmes span the outer reaches of music, sound art, polemic and comedy. It has no problem with being deadly earnest and deadly funny”. Says David Stubbs,¬†the guardian.

The Pirates of Carthage: First Sneak Preview

Click the following link to listen to Pirates of Carthage Rehearsal.

Enjoy! ūüôā

Glimpse On the Rehearsals

This was a practise run in Daniel’s grotty old studio.

You can see the related video quite well on this image.

Lucy, our producer concentrating hard!

Lucy, producer of the play, concentrating hard.

pCarthage Brochure

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